Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Device characterization and modeling
Device physics and novel structures
Materials and characterization techniques
Reliability and failure analysis
Radiation effects
Packaging, surface mount technology
MEMS and MOEMS devices
Smart power devices and sensors
Custom and semi-custom circuits
Embedded system design
Systems on Chip (SoCs)
Reconfigurable chip design
Design for testability
Low-voltage, low-power VLSI design
ANN applications
Circuits for wireless communications
Modelling and simulation (process, device, circuit, logic, timing, functional)
Trends in sub-micron technologies
Special microelectronic devices (magnetic memory, novel memory, imaging)
Signal processing and multiplexing
DRAM, SRAM, flash high density, NVM
Logic/microprocessors, embedded logic
SiGe, GaN, and SiC devices
RF mixed analog/digital
Quantum computing
Microactuators, sensors and sensor networks
Biomimetic devices
Terahertz technology
System level verification

Advanced silicon devices and device physics
Nanotechnology for IC manufacturing
RF and mixed signal ICs
Noise behavior of MOS structures
Non-volatile memory technologies
Computational nanoelectronics
Particle simulation methods
Parameter extraction techniques
Interconnect modeling and algorithms
Modeling fabrication processes and equipment
Ballistic and quantum mechanical effects
Characterization and processing of new materials
Reliability of nanodevices and ESD design
Novel devies and post-CMOS silicon device structure
Key process technologies to integrate sub-100 nm Si ULSIs
Advanced physics in nanoelectronics analysis and synthesis
Physics and chemistry of surface and interface phenomena
Sub-100 nm silicon CMOS devices and their integration technologies
Process control, failure analysis, yield enhancements and modeling
Analytical methods and simulation algorithms for nanoelectronics
Advanced silicon circuits and systems
Advanced digital, analog, mixed-signal, and memory
Low power technologies and power aware systems
Integration of circuit and device simulation
Analog and digital circuits composed of nanodevices
System-level integration and packaging technologies
Chemical phenomena in the design of nanocircuits
Neural network, fuzzy logic, and multi-valued logic
Physical and circuit models of nanodevices and interconnects
Benchmarking, calibration, and verification of simulators
Integrated nanolelectronics and multifunction integrated circuits
Design, modeling, and simulation of nanoelectronic integrated circuits
Design and CAD technologies for the advanced packaging and system integration
Modeling and simulation of thermal, mechanical and electrical performance of packaging and system integration

Quantum Electronics:
Quantum computing
Single electron devices
Nanotubes and nanostructures
Quantum phenomena in nanoscale
Dynamics of nanostructures
Quantum transport and quantum devices
Quantum wire, quantum well, and quantum dot
Wireless cellular automata
Hybrid micro-nanoelectronic logic
Heterostructures and superlattices
Compound semiconductor materials and devices
Self-assembly, nano and molecular scale devices
Spin and carrier control in quantum nanostructures
Ab-initio calculations of the electronic properties of nanostructures

Biomolecular Electronics:
Molecular switches
Molecular electronics
Molecular manufacturing
Molecular electronic devices
Functioning molecular wires
Inorganic nanowires and nanocrystals
Molecular electronic memory technology
Molecular computing-molecular computers
Circuit paradigm in molecular electronics
Organic semiconductor devices and materials
Electrical properties of organic thin film and materials
DNA computing
Biocomputing and biocomputers
User interfaces and visualization
Bioelectronics and bioinformatics
Biomedical and microfluidic applications
Biotechnologies in the design of nanocircuits
Biomedical engineering and biomedical electronics
Carrier transport in molecular and biological systems
Algorithms and biochips for DNA, healthcare and proteins
Micro-nano electromechanical devices for bio- and chemical applications
High performance computing, numerical methods and algorithms, including optimization
Computational methods and integrated systems for biochemical and medical applications

Optical Fibers
Optical Cables
Optical Fiber Devices
Fabrication, installations
Fiber Bragg gratings
Lightwave circuits
Optical Fiber amplifiers and lasers
Optical Polymer fibers
Photonic crystal fibers and related topics
Optical Active Devices and Modules
Semiconductor lasers, detectors and their arrays
Light emitting devices
Semiconductor laser amplifiers
Waveguide laser amplifiers
Optoelectronic/photonic integrated circuits
Optical logics, memories and other functional devices
Related materials, device fabrication and device physics
Packaging and modules and related topics
Optical Passive Devices and Modules
Optical waveguide integrated devices/circuits; Planar
Optical isolators and circulators
Optical modulators and switches
Optical fiber-waveguide coupling, packaging and modules
Planar glass and polymer materials and device fabrication
Photonic crystals
Optical MEMS, Micro-optics and related topics
Optical Transmission Systems and Technologies
High speed optical transmissions
Wavelength division multiplexing
Ultra-long haul transmissions
Trans-oceanic systems
FTTx systems
Optical interconnection
Optical signal processing
Optical analog systems and related topics
Optoelectronic Networks and Applications
Optical networking, architectures, design and planning

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