Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Mathematical foundation of Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Sets
Fuzzy Algebra, Fuzzy Analysis, Fuzzy Geometry
Fuzzy Differential Equation
Interval Analysis
Fuzzy Optimization
Fuzzy Algorithms
Fuzziness and Probabilities
Fuzziness and Statistics
Fuzzy Control
Fuzzy Languages
Fuzzy Automata
Fuzzy Information Theory
Fuzzy Expert systems
Fuzzy Operational Research
Fuzzy database mining
Forecasting and information retrieval
Fuzzy Internet Computing
Fuzzy Discrete Event Systems
Neural-Fuzzy Systems
Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms
Takagi-Sugeno Methodologies
Universal Approximators' Theory
Hybrid and Fuzzy Knowledge Based Networks
Software Engineering for Fuzzy Systems
Prediction, Estimation and Statistics
Time series analysis
Non-linear Systems' study via Takagi-Sugeno Methodologies and other Fuzzy Techniques
Complex Systems' and Very Large Scale Systems' study
Fuzzy Systems in Robotics and Mechatronics
Fuzzy Systems applications in Signal Processing
Fuzzy Systems applications in Patern Recognition
Fuzzy Systems applications in Communications
Fuzzy Systems applications in Networking
Fuzzy Systems applications in Power Systems
Fuzzy Systems applications in Production Systems
Biological, Environmental, Space Science, Health Science, Financial Science Applications of Fuzzy Systems
Fuzzy Systems applications in Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Naval, Agricultural Engineering

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