Special Session

Mathematical Modelling

Dr. Marcia Pinheiro
Victoria University of Technology
Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications (RGMIA)
E-mail: drmarciapinheiro@gmail.com

Aim: This session is mainly about mistakes in Mathematical Modelling and how to avoid those. We are probably after discussing each other’s models, making suggestions, and coming up with a list of items to watch over. It is by analysing the improvements we ourselves suggested to the models of others that we will learn how to make more perfect models, which will not need many refinements after being formally introduced into the scientific literature. We are also after new ways to present and think of models. Anything that inspires, creates insights, or makes us work less and get more from our work is welcome. Ideally, we will only deal with models that belong to the Cartesian Plane, and therefore R2, in this session.

1) Modelling techniques (regression, derivation, merging, and etc.).
2) Modelling mistakes.
3) New models.
4) Modelling tools (software, special equipment, tables, and etc.).
5) Extensions, retractions, and extrapolations.
6) Modelling objectives.
7) Plausibility and necessity.
8) Ideal modelling flowchart.
9) We will accept suggestions and judge them in terms of the aims involved.

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