Plenary Lecture

Exact Instruments of Crises’ Evaluations

Professor Jiří F. Urbánek
Faculty of Military Leadership
Department of Emergency Management
University of Defence
Czech Republic

Abstract: Key theme of J. F. Urbanek's plenary speaking is crisis situation operational analysis, investigation, modelling and simulation in the organizations. For this reason the DYVELOP (Dynamic Vector Logistics of Processes) method is used for the modelling and mathematical relations expression of crisis situation. The cases of crisis situations have an origin in accidental, incidental, disruptive and emergency events operational occurrence in the organizations. Every weighty crisis situation has an origin in such the disruptive events occurrences and always it brings discontinuity of organization's processes. Their crisis managements need operational coping of crisis situations according pre-prepared crisis scenarios. The forms, characteristics, behaviour and utilization of these crisis scenarios have various qualities, depending on real organization. Here the negation/ critical/ crisis interfaces, zones and functions are found and investigated among actors of crisis situations. The topology of critical interfaces are the flags of crisis situations in real organization. The research of feasible rules and algorithmic scenarios will be derived for the detections of these interfaces. They are able to identify, shift, control, restrain and/or remove the problems toward successful solutions and coping of the crises. In second theme of the plenary speaking, the new development will be introduced on the cycling crisis cases and their phases in real time. Several times cycling of these cases is necessary condition for the encompassment of the both the disruptive events and the mitigation of organization?s damages. Uninterrupted and continuous cycling process brings crisis management fruitfulness and it is good indicator and controlling actor of organizational continuity and its sustainable development advanced possibilities in any crisis. Quite new exact apparatus will be introduced for crisis impact analysis in a dependence between Real Time flow and organization's Value Added via the computerised assistance. Regenerated organization?s Value Added is decisive indicator of crisis situations mitigation. All above themes better comprehension needs live Power Point presentation, which will be performed at the Prague?s WASET Conference.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Graduated 1972 at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Parallel with operation in Czech industrial and mining enterprises, graduated 1983 Ph.D. “Mathematical Methods in Industrial Processes”. Lectures on technological, managerial and military universities in the branches Automation; Management (Strategic, Human Resources, SME's, Process'); and Logistics. Twice habilitated in branches Mechanical Technology (automation) and later Management and Battle Employment of Military Forces. Now, full professor of University of Defence, Faculty of Military Leadership, Department of Emergency Management. Specialization Military and Civil Protection; Crisis Management; Security Services; Interoperability; Crisis Scenarios; Civil Emergency Planning and Crisis Preparedness. Many national and international research projects: Security Management, Emergency Continual Planning, Crisis Scenarios, Interoperability and Crisis Preparedness. Expert of European Commission for Security Research and for Development of SMEs. 335 articles, 10 books and 9 patents.

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