Special Session

Biometric Intelligent Systems

Professor Sarah Benziane Hachemi
IRIT, University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France
IMSI, University of Oran 2, Algeria
E-mail: Sarah.Benziane@irit.fr & sarah_benziane1@yahoo.fr


Aim: We can see that biometrics is a real alternative to passwords and other credentials for secure access controls. It verifies that the user is who he claims to be. Biometrics is growing, particularly in the field of identity documents. Security uses three types of authentication: something you know, something you have or something you are: a biometrics. Among the physical biometrics, fingerprints are found, the hand geometry, retina, iris or face. Among the behavioral biometrics, we find the signature and voice. Each biometrics includes advantages and disadvantages, in terms of performance, cost, acceptance by users etc. Current systems are orienting towards multimodal solutions. In the near future, biometrics will play a key role in security, e-commerce, but also for customization. The focus of this special session will be on the Biometric approaches that result to be particularly useful to mitigate or solve identification or authentication.

1) images, video and 3D objects processing
2) Target applications: copyright, integrity, meta data
3) Evaluation and Performance
4) Malicious attacks

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