Plenary Lecture

Designing Instruction and Training for the Global Audience

Professor Minjuan Wang
San Diego State University
Shanghai International Studies University

Abstract: In today’s increasingly global and digitally connected society, it is essential to assure the alignment between the learning needs of individuals from different cultures and the way content is designed and delivered in various settings such as online, face-to-face, mobile, or a blend of all of them. Many educators and designers often find themselves in the position of developing instruction for learners with backgrounds and cultures very different from their own. This study presents a new approach to the design of cross-cultural teaching and learning experiences through the Culturally Adaptive Learning Model (CALM) framework. This study reports on tests of the Model that were conducted via a survey instrument, and that can be used to guide the design and facilitation of instructional activities. During the first phase of research, researchers tested the instrument with nearly 200 participants, including a number of educators and trainers. Based on the survey results and an extensive literature review, the instrument developed in this study can serve as a data collection tool to help educators develop and deliver instruction that is culturally sensitive. Along with this instrument, CALM describes a process that educators and instructional designers can use to design and adapt instruction to the learning preferences of their international students and employees.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. Minjuan Wang (Professor of San Diego State University; Distinguished Research Professor of Shanghai International Studies University)
Minjuan is Professor of Learning Design and Technology at San Diego State University (California, USA), program manager at the Chancellor’s Office of California State University, and distinguished professor of Shanghai International Studies University (Shanghai, China). Minjuan’s work has been highly interdisciplinary, covering the field of education, technology, computer science, geography, and communication. In her 15 years at SDSU, she teaches Designing and Developing Learning for the Global Audience, Mobile Learning Development, Technologies for Course Delivery, and Methods of Inquiry. Her research specialties focus on Smart Education, mobile cloud learning, and intelligent learning, and the development of Interactive Open Educational Resources (iOERS). Minjuan is the Editor-in-Chief of a newly established journal-- EAI Transactions on Future Intelligent Educational Environments. She also serves on the editorial boards for four indexed journals: Open Education Research, International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL), the Open Education Journal, and Journal of Information Technology Application in Education.
As a winner of several research awards and large grants, Minjuan is recognized as one of the high impact authors in blended and mobile learning. She has numerous peer-reviewed articles published in indexed journals, such as Educational Technology Research and Development, IEEE Transactions on Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, and Educational Technology and Society. She was a keynote and invited speaker to 12 international conferences. In addition, she is also an accomplished creative writer and an amateur flamenco dancer. Her recent book--Walking in this Beautiful World—has inspired many young people around the world.

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