Plenary Lecture

Multiobjective Approach for Time-Cost Optimization of Construction Projects Using a Multi-Mode Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

Jorge Professor Magalhães-Mendes
Department of Civil Engineering
ISEP - Institute of Engineering
IPP - Polytechnic of Porto

Abstract: Construction projects are found throughout business and areas such as manufacturing facilities, infrastructure development and improvement, and residential and commercial building. A construction project is a group of discernible tasks or activities that are conducted in a coordinated effort to accomplish one or more objectives. Construction projects require varying levels of cost, time and other resources (i.e., labor, equipment, material, suppliers). In a construction project, there are two main factors, such as project duration and project cost. These are depended to each other. The activity duration is a function function of resources (i.e. crew size, equipments and materials) availability. On the other hand, resources demand direct costs. Therefore, the relationship between project time and direct cost of each activity is a monotonously decreasing curve. It means if activity duration is compressed then that leads to an increase in resources and so that direct costs. But, project indirect costs increase with the project duration. In general, for a project, the total cost is the sum of direct and indirect costs and exists an optimum duration for the least cost. Hence, relationship between project time and cost is trade-off. So, in a project it needs multi-objective approach to minimize both projects time and cost by varying options or modes of construction of the critical activities.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Jorge Magalhães-Mendes serves as a Coordinator Professor of Construction Management at School of Engineering of Polytechnic of Porto. He holds a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering (2004) and the licentiate degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Porto, a master degree in Civil Engineering from University of Aveiro and a master degree in Systems and Automation from University of Coimbra. Since its first graduate university has divided his work between the academy and in various organizations usually related to the construction industry. In these organizations was manager of a metal construction company where he developed a system of planning and control works, manager in a municipal company and technical advisor in a foundation of the municipal council of the Oporto city. He is member of the Center for Research & Development in Mechanical Engineering located at School of Engineering of Polytechnic of Porto – a unit of Portuguese Foundation for the Science Technology. His research interests are in construction management, project management and scheduling, multiobjective optimization and genetic algorithms. He has authored and co-authored several publications at national and international conferences, chapters of books and papers on engineering and construction management.

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