Plenary Lecture

Modeling Complex Discrete Event Systems - A New Approach Based on Petri Nets

Professor Reggie Davidrajuh
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Stavanger

Abstract: Modeling, simulation, and performance analysis of discrete-event systems is an important activity in many branches of engineering, especially in computer science, industrial engineering, and production engineering. The dynamics of engineering systems are usually described by ordinary differential equations or partial differential equations. However, if the system under scrutiny is driven by discrete events (the so called discrete-event systems), then the mathematical tools such as Petri Nets, Max-Plus algebra, Automata, and Markov chains, can be used for development of more useful mathematical models. By running simulations of these models, we can analyze performance of these systems, and hence propose performance improvements for these systems. At the University of Stavanger, Norway, a tool known as General Purpose Petri Net Simulator (GPenSIM) was developed for modeling and simulation of large and complex discrete event systems. Using this tool, some major industrial problems in diverse fields were solved; e.g. airport capacity evaluation for the aviation authority, finding bottlenecks in fish supply chain, scheduling drilling in oil & gas industry, optimal scheduling of jobs in grid computing, etc. In this lecture: Firstly, an overview of the projects done by the group will be presented. Secondly, the design and implementation of GPenSIM will be presented. Thirdly, the important feature of GPenSIM that makes it useful for modeling complex system – allowing the modeling logic to be moved between the Petri Net and the background software (“hard-wiring” versus “soft coding”) will be explained.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Reggie Davidrajuh has a bachelor study in Physics, a master degree in Control Systems, and a PhD in Industrial Engineering. At present, he is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Stavanger, Norway. Dr. Davidrajuh is the editor of the journal International Journal of Business and Systems Research. In addition, he serves on the editorial committees of five journals, such as Expert Systems with Applications and Archives of Control Sciences (ACS), a Quarterly of Polish Academy of Sciences. Dr. Davidrajuh has published over 100 publications in the diverse areas such as supply chain, e-commerce, e-government, modeling and simulation, discrete event systems, green power generation, etc. His current research interests is “Modeling, Simulation, and Performance Analysis of Discrete-Event Systems”. He is a Senior Membership of IEEE and a Fellow of British Computer Society. More details about him could be obtained from his homepage:

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