Plenary Lecture

Econometric Methods for the Evaluation of the Financial Convenience in Investing in Roof-Top Wind Turbines

Professor Francesco Tajani
Department of Science of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Polytechnic of Bari

Abstract: With reference to wind solutions for the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-E), in this lecture two main objectives have been pursued. The first is the analysis of the financial feasibility resulting from the realization of roof-top wind turbines in the city of Bari (Southern Italy). This analysis was carried out through the application of a GIS-based decision support model. The second aim deals with the explanation of the mathematical relation between the aerodynamic parameters and the economic variables of the investment. The expressions obtained, on the one hand, allow to enucleate the actual influence of the aerodynamic parameters on the economic variables and to verify the empirical coherence of the outputs; while on the other, they provide algorithms for the rapid assessment of the performance indicators of the investment. The methodology developed identifies an easily repeatable operative and logical path, which can also be used in other territorial contexts.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Francesco Tajani has been a temporary Professor of “Methods and Techniques of Economic Valuation”, Department of Architecture and Design (“Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy), and of “Appraisal of Cultural Heritage”, Specialization School in “Architectural and Landscape Heritage”, Department of Science of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Polytechnic of Bari, Italy). He holds a PhD degree in Economic Evaluation of Investments and a Master in Urban Planning and Real Estate Market. He is a Member of the Italian Society of Appraisal and Valuation (SIEV) and a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). He is author and coauthor of more than fifty published works on various topics, including the study of innovative algorithms as support to real estate appraisal, the evaluation of investments on cultural and environmental assets, the elaboration of models for the activation of regeneration projects on degraded areas and the enhancement of disused buildings, the econometric analysis of the dynamics of real estate prices generated by macroeconomic variables.

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