Plenary Lecture

Studying Fluid Mechanics for Better Understanding Simulation Technologies. A Special Approach for Maritime Universities

Professor Dumitru Dinu
Constanta Maritime University

Abstract: In the computer age, the theoretical study loses its importance. There are simulators for everything and many of their users don’t understand the simulated phenomena. Are they good users? Can they realize a simulation without understanding the mathematical model? The students of maritime universities, which have to comply with IMO (International Maritime Organization) requirements and academic exigencies, works with many simulators: FLUENT, Bridge Deck, Engine Room, Emergency. All of them are based on the main fluid mechanics equations. In the lecture I explain why the fluid mechanics knowledge is necessary for understanding phenomena and significance of terms, for choosing the material of the fluid (density, viscosity) and of the solid (conduits), for generating network, for putting boundary conditions and, finally, for analyzing the results. A very important phase is post processing. In some cases, comparison of the simulation results with the experimental ones is also very important. Learning Fluid mechanics adapted to new computational requirements as well as studying simulation technologies together with their physical models is a necessity for maritime students and not only.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dumitru Dinu graduated from the University of Galati, Diplomat Engineer, Naval Architect and doctor in Technical Science – Fluid Mechanics of the same University. First, he worked in maritime research, deep diving systems and marine technologies in Romanian Institute for Marine Research. In 1990, Dumitru Dinu begins an academic career in Constanta Maritime University. Professor from 1993 and Doctoral Thesis Supervisor from 2001, he is a recognized specialist in Fluid Mechanics and Marine Technologies. He wrote 10 books and over 50 scientific papers in the fields: Marine Technologies, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines, Marine Pollution, Maritime Education and Training. Former Rector of Constanta Maritime University, Prof. Dinu leads now the Marine Engineering research Center of the University. His researches focus now on Design and research in naval field using Computer Fluid Dynamics.

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