Plenary Lecture

Path Planning by Stochastic Metaheuristics

Professor Milan Tuba
State University of Novi Pazar
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Abstract: Path planning is an optimization problem of great practical importance. It relates to path planning for different objects in various environments, respecting some constraints. Examples are two or three dimensional path planning for underwater automated vehicles, mobile sensors, various unmanned aerial vehicles, robots in radioactive or unknown and uncertain environments with static or dynamic obstacles. Path planning is a multidisciplinary problem that includes, in the theoretical part artificial intelligence, computational intelligence and optimization, while in the practical part it includes automatic control, hardware engineering, robotics, telecommunications, aeronautics, etc. A solution to the path planning is a sequence of points in two or three dimensional space and the problem is similar to the travelling salesman problem, hence NP-hard. Stochastic metaheuristics, especially swarm intelligence population based algorithms, proved to be very successful for such problems. A number of swarm intelligence metaheuristics have been developed and they can be adjusted and tuned for various versions of the path planning problem. This plenary lecture will present some successful stochastic metaheuristics applications to different path planning problems.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Milan Tuba is the Chairmen of the Department for Mathematical Sciences at State University of Novi Pazar. He received B. S. in Mathematics, M. S. in Mathematics, M. S. in Computer Science, M. Ph. in Computer Science, Ph. D. in Computer Science from University of Belgrade and New York University. From 1983 to 1994 he was in the U.S.A. first as a graduate student and teaching and research assistant at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University and later as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union School of Engineering, New York. During that time he was the founder and director of Microprocessor Lab and VLSI Lab, leader of scientific projects and theses supervisor. From 1994 he was Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Director of Computer Center at University of Belgrade, from 2001 Associate Professor, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, from 2004 also a Professor of Computer Science and Dean of the College of Computer Science, Megatrend University Belgrade and from 2014 Dean of the Graduate School of Computer Science at John Naisbitt University. He was teaching more than 20 graduate and undergraduate courses, from VLSI Design and Computer Architecture to Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Image Processing, Calculus and Queuing Theory. His research interest includes heuristic optimizations applied to computer networks, image processing and combinatorial problems. Prof. Tuba is the author or coauthor of more than 150 scientific papers and coeditor or member of the editorial board or scientific committee of number of scientific journals and conferences. Member of the ACM, IEEE, AMS, SIAM, IFNA.

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