Plenary Lecture

A Generalization of the Becker Model in Linear Viscoelasticity

Professor Francesco Mainardi
Department of Physics
University of Bologna & INFN

Abstract: We present a new rheological model depending on a real parameter ν in[0,1] that reduces to the Maxwell body for ν = 0 and to the Becker body for ν = 1. The corresponding creep law is expressed in an integral form in which the exponential function of the Becker model is replaced and generalized by a Mittag-Leffler function of order ν. Then, the corresponding non-dimensional creep function, its rate and the specific dissipation functions are studied versus time for different values of ν in order to visualize the transition from the classical Maxwell body to the Becker body.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Presently Francesco MAINARDI is retired professor of Mathematical Physics from the University of Bologna (since November 2013) where he has taught this course since 40 years. Even if retired, he continues to carry out teaching and research activity. His fields of research concern several topics of applied mathematics, including diffusion and wave problems, asymptotic methods, integral transforms, special functions, fractional calculus and non-Gaussian stochastic processes.
At present his H-index is > 50.
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