Plenary Lecture

Urban Living Labs - Technological Experiences and People Engagement Towards Urban Sustainability

Professor Paulo Ribeiro
Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering
University of Minho

Abstract: Urban Living Labs (ULLs) are considered sites of experimentation, aiming for the development and evaluation of new technologies and ideas to produce innovative solutions to urban sustainability challenges. ULLs integrate different urban actors to design, test and learn from socio-technical innovations acting on four key areas, namely mobility, energy, environment and buildings. Nowadays, national and local authorities are developing plans to implement the concept of ULLs, and consequently, after the co-creation and experimentation phases, enterprises can put new and already tested products in the market. However, it remains to be examined how ULLs contribute to urban sustainability transitions. In this plenary session, issues related to the four key areas will be addressed and discussed, as well as some approaches and measures to implement a successful urban living lab to provide a better understanding of the dissemination mechanisms and adopted strategies.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Deputy Director of the Research Centre Territory, Environment and Construction (CTAC). MSc in Transport Infrastructures “Study of Urban Streets” (UPorto) and PhD in Civil Engineering “Healthy routes for active modes of transport” (UMinho). Author of more than 50 scientific publications and 2 patents (nat./ intern.) “System and method of calculation of routes”. Currently developing research in Transports and Traffic Engineering, Sustainable Mobility and Innovation in Cities Management.

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