Plenary Lecture

Feasibility of Mini Combined Gas Turbine-Steam Turbine Cycles for Naval Applications

Professor Pietro Zunino
Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transport Engineering
University of Genova
E-mail: pietro.zunino@unige.it

Abstract: The objective of energy production with low environmental impact will have, in the near future, high potential of development also for naval applications. In the shipbuilding sector, a great effort has to be made to achieve a significant reduction of the pollutant emissions produced by the engines used for the generation of electric and thermal energy on board of the ships. The need for reduction of ship emissions urged also by the necessity of respecting the restrictive limits imposed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The containment of pollutant emissions can be achieved by the combined use of an innovative mini gas-steam combined cycle with thermal energy cogeneration to feed the ship thermal utilities, in place of the current Diesel engine application, and liquefied natural gas as fuel (LNG). The present speech is focused on the definition of the architecture of the plant, by selecting optimal distribution of pressure and temperature and repartition of power between Gas Turbine (GT), Steam Turbine (ST) and thermal utilities, as well as on the choice and sizing of the individual components. The main purpose is the definition of a compact, high efficiency, system. The proposed basic mini-cycle ranges from 2 MW to 10 MW electric power. Thanks to the combined heat and power cogeneration plant adopted, for an overall electrical efficiency of about 30%, a total return (thermal + electricity) of about 75% can be achieved. An example of plant providing large power, in a partially modular arrangement is also proposed.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Professor of Turbomachinery since 2000 at the University of Genova, Italy. Director of the Fluid Machinery, Energy Systems and Transportation Department of University of Genova (from 2005 to 2011). Director of the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management, Transportation Engineering of University of Genova (from 2012 to 2018). Visiting Professor at the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (since 2015). Visiting Professor at the Harbin Engineering University (since 2016). Author of more than 180 scientific papers in the field of turbomachinery for power conversion and propulsion. Principal investigator in many research projects of the European Commission and with industrial companies. University of Genova Current Teaching in the academic year 2018/2019: - Fluid Machinery (Batchelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering) - Turbomachinery (Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering) - Hydro, Wind Energy and Micro Gas Turbines (Master Degree in Energy Engineering)

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