Plenary Lecture

Mutual Relation Among Graph Aplgorthms

Professor Eva Milková
Faculty of Science
University of Hradec Králové
Czech Republic

Abstract: The Theory of Graphs is a wonderful, practical discipline. Informatics has played a big part in its development, and these two fields are strongly interconnected. This can, perhaps, mainly be seen in the design of computer algorithms. On the one hand, there are many methods which can be used for solving the same problem, while on the other hand, using effective modifications of one algorithm, we can devise methods of solving various other tasks. To educate students in the area close connected with Graph Theory and Computer Science, called as Combinatorial or Discrete Optimization, it is important to make them familiar with certain algorithms in contexts to be able to get deeper into each problem and entirely understand it.
At the conference we will present a few ideas that have proved successful in teaching and learning this quite young part of mathematics. Using well-known Minimum Spanning Tree Problem we will discuss mutual relationships between classical solutions of the problem. Then we will follow from the mentioned problem to the most used searching algorithms, Breadth-First-Search and Depth-First-Search and will introduce various modifications of these problems.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Professor Eva Milková graduated from the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Czech Republic in 1978. Gradually received the following titles - master degree RNDr., doctoral degree Ph.D., associate professorship (docent) and professor.
She is a full professor at the University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Science, and Department of Informatics. Her scientific interests include Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization and ICT in Education. She is a member of scientific counsels for doctoral studies and a supervisor of considerable number of doctoral students.
Her publication activity includes more than hundred contributions at international conferences and journals. She is a member of scientific program committees of prestigious international conferences and she is a member of editorial board of several international journals.
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