Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Software Engineering:
Component Technologies, Testing, Empirical Studies, Design Recovery and Documentation, Formal Methods, Software Design, Software Process, Program Analysis, Software Architecture, Software Understanding, Consistency Management and Quality Assurance, Case Studies, Automotive Software Engineering, Process Analysis and Improvement, Process and Tools, Testing and Fault Correction, Extreme Programming, Undergraduate Education, Course Delivery and Evaluation, Process and Methodology
PDS' Architectures:
Design, Analysis and Implementation of Multiple-Processor Systems (Including Multi-Processors, Multicomputers and Networks), Impact of VLSI on System Design, Interprocessor Communications
PDS' Software:
Parallel Languages and Compilers, Scheduling and Task Partitioning, Databases, Operating Systems and Programming Environments for Multiple-Processor Systems
PDS' Algorithms and Applications:
Models of Computation, Analysis and Design of Parallel/Distributed Algorithms, Application Studies Resulting in Better Multiple-Processor Systems
Other Issues on PDS' and Software Engineering:
Performance Measurements, Evaluation, Modeling and Simulation of Multiple-Processor Systems, Real-Time, Reliability and Fault-Tolerance Issues, Conversion of Software from Sequential-to-Parallel Forms
Data Base and Data Mining, Wireless Networks, Parallel and Network Computing, Routing, Sorting and Clustering, Interconnection Networks, Routing and Scheduling, Compilers, Architecture and Systems, Routing Algorithms, Sorting and Routing

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