Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Educational Software and Development
Computers for Education
Distance Learning and Distance Teaching
Intelligent Robots as Teachers
Classroom Monitoring
New types of Examinations
Education Reforms
Continuous Collaboration of Industry and Education
Bridging the gap of Education and the Requirements of the Production
Multimedia for Education
Internet for Education
Web-based Education
E-School and E-University
E-Learning and E-Pedagogy
Educational Software and Development
Virtual school, Virtual Classroom
Synschronous and Non-Synchronous E-Learning
Impact of the E-Learning and Society
Distributed multimedia and Networks for education
Networking, Reliability aspects for Education
Privacy issues for education.
Distributed computing and distributed data bases for education.
Pricing and economic analysis of web-based systems for education.
Social and cultural impact of modern communications for education.
Basic Science in Engineering Education.
Continuing Education & Its Delivery.
International Recognition of Qualifications.
Studies in Engineering and the needs of the Production and Market.
Grants, Funds, Prizes and Projects for the New Educational Technologies
Globalization in education. Challenges and problems.
Web-Management of education.
Transfer of Know-how for educational technologies
Environment and educational technologies
Educational technologies for Women and Minorities
Educational technologies for People with Special Needs
Integration of Computers, Internet, Multimedia for Educational Purposes.
Changes and Challenges in Engineering Education.
Supervision and Re-Organization of Laboratories with New Technologies.
Management of Educational Institutes.
Psychological Aspects and Relations between lecturers and students.
Methodologies in examinations and relevant problems.
Examinations and Tests via Internet.
Awards and Education.
Resources and Funds in educational technologies.
Quality Assurance in educational technologies.
Promotion of the Cultural Heritage through educational technologies.
Election of Faculty Members via Web
Educational Textbooks through the WWW
Web voting, Web banking, E-democracy, E-commerce, E-health services

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