Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Systems Theory
Control Systems
Stochastic Systems
Non-linear Systems
Information Systems
Signal Processing Systems
Multidimensional Systems
Multivariable systems
Hybrid Systems
Multirate Systems
Man-Machine Systems
Speech and Image Processing Systems
Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Manufacturing Systems
Decentralised Systems
Remote Sensing
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Machines
Fuzzy Systems
Neural Networks
Knowledge Modelling
Decision Support Systems
Hierarchical Control Systems
Aerospace Systems
Analog, Digital and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems
Electronics and Power Electronics
Nanocircuits and Nanotechnology
Medical Electronics
Lightwave Engineering
Microelectromechanical Systems
Environment Modeling
Sonar and underwater acoustic systems
Undersea Systems
Navigation and Tracking Systems
Space Systems
Systems Techniques for Wireless Applications
Filter design
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Information Systems
Management and Economic Systems
High Performance and Large Scale Computing
Grid Computing
Simulation Environments
Web-based Simulation
Simulation of Biological Systems
Simulation in Environmental Sciences
Simulation in Biology, Medicine, Health Care Management
Expert Systems
Petri Nets
Visual Reality
Specific Languages
Geographical Information Systems
Multi-site Simulation
Measurement and Hybrid Technique
Markov Models
Web technologies
Script Languages and Script technologies
Software Tools
Graph Theory
Power Systems
Thermal and Chemical Systems
Fluid Dynamics
Heat and Mass transfer
Elasticity and Applications
Applied Thermodynamics
Applied Electrodynamics
Heat and Mass transfer
Transportation Systems
Social and Economic Systems
Lakes and Rivers Management
Game Theory
Simulation for Game Animation
Facial Animation and Movies
Skeletal Animation
Game Animation
3D Programming
Voice Interaction,
Cognitive Science and Technology
Art and Simulation
Simulation in Armed Forces
Applications in audiovisual technologies and music

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