Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Sensor design and calibration
New Sensor technologies
Sensor Electronics
Radiometric Calibration
Geometric Correction
Detectors for Ice, Liquids etc

Data acquisition and processing
Data assimilation and fusion
Data compression and communications
Data management and mining
Analysis of optical and thermal data
Hyperspectral analytical approaches
SAR processing
inSAR and ifSAR Techniques
LIDAR Techniques
Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Pattern recognition and context-based classification
3-D computer vision techniques
Fusion of multi-source and multi-scale data
Integration of remote sensing and GIS
Geoinformatics concepts
Mobile solutions
Algorithms for geometric analysis of image data regardless of scale;
Automated feature and attribute extraction techniques and Methodologies from multi-sensor, multi-resolution, multi-spectral, hyperspectral, and multi-temporal imagery;
Fundamental research into image understanding for object detection, recognition, identification and reconstruction;
DEM generation and integration of three-dimensional modeling concepts into image analysis processes;
Integration of spatial information systems and object models for object recognition;
Sensor pose determination (including auxiliary information);
Projective and multi-view geometry;
Image sequence analysis;
Algorithms for including features in the orientation processes;
Spatial, spectral and temporal properties of natural and human-formed objects.
Image classification and analysis methodologies
Analysis of characteristics of multi-spectral, hyperspectral, multi-sensor, Microwave and multi-temporal image data for extraction of attribute information
Methodologies of computer-assisted interpretation and analysis of remotely sensed data
Validation of data and information using laboratory and in-situ methodologies
Improving atmospheric modeling for radiometric correction
Multi-source data fusion and integration techniques
Modeling of satellite data derived parameters
Global databases and determination of indicators of change for global modeling, monitoring and sustainable development
Integration of remote sensing and GIS techniques
Aerosol and particulate detection and identification

Image processing, Pattern recognition, Photogrammetry, GIS
Spectroscopy and forward models
Retrieval algorithms and inverse problems
Remote sensing of the atmosphere, oceans, land, and space
Photogrammetric techniques in industrial design, production and quality control processes
CAD/CAM-based techniques, image engineering
Fundamentals of spatial database design, spatial data structures, spatial analysis and geostatistics, spatial querying, spatial reasoning, spatial and temporal modeling
Aggregation, generalization, abstraction and rendering of image and vector data
Spatial decision support systems
Processing, analysis and modeling of multi-dimensional geospatial data
System integration and modeling aspects for data and geoinformation processing
Interoperability of heterogeneous spatial information systems
Semantic and geometric integration of heterogeneous spatial information
Communication and visualization of spatial data
Data mining, filtering, retrieval and dissemination
Spatial data quality and spatial model quality
Systems, techniques and applications in cultural heritage recording and documentation
3D object tracking, motion analysis and deformation measurement techniques
3D/4D data acquisition for virtual reality and computer animation
Industrial and autonomous robotics
Terrestrial laserscanning
Integrated point cloud and image acquisition and processing techniques
Sensor and data fusion techniques
Medical and biometric applications
Automation of photogrammetric data processing, optimisation of precision and reliability
Development, access and management of spatio-temporal databases;
Spatial data infrastructures;
Image-based geo-spatial databases;
Data libraries, data clearinghouses, data warehouses, distributed archives and access to remote data sources, including metadata and digital data standards;
Web based access, retrieval and dissemination of spatial data, including web-based location-based services;
Integration of spatial information systems and image analysis for database-driven change detection, data capture and updating;
Dynamic spatial information systems, spatial data revision and versioning;
Interfacing 3D models with facility management systems;
Database generation for digital topographic and thematic mapping (including Ortho-images and digital terrain models);
Digital landscape modelling and visualization, and large scale urban models;
Global environmental databases and mapping;
Extraterrestrial mapping and spatial information systems;
Analysis of systems and their components for automated and semi-automated digital mapping and geo-information systems;
Analysis of industry needs and design of systems for production and update of Geo-information

Defense and Security
Satellite Images
Advanced GIS-RS Software
Portable Systems
VIS/NIR light Measurement
Solving problems and conflicts

Environmental Monitoring Concepts
Land degradation studies
Process studies
Natural hazards (floods, landslides)
Landscape modeling
Urban Modeling
Sustainability and planning
Coastal zone management
Interaction sea-land
Resource management.

Geological Applications and Climate
Lithological and mineral mapping
Mineral and petroleum exploration
Structural geology, tectonics
Geological hazards, mine waste
Earthquakes and volcanoes
Hydrology Hydrogeology.
Quality of water
Global change, climate and biodiversity
Sustainable marine ecosystems
Climate and global change
Advanced Marine research
Research on Natural hazards
Cleaner energy systems
Renewable energy Systems
Combined Heat and Power Systems
Indoor Air Quality in Offices and Houses
Air pollution and its effects on ecosystems
Cost reduction and less emission

Urban Planning and Development
Infrastructures and Urban Areas
3D urban modeling
Change detection
Remote sensing for urban information systems
Microclimate studies
Virtual city models.
Environment and sustainable development
Sustainable management
Coasts and Seas
Sustainability indicators
Environmental risk
Recovery of damaged areas
Science and the humanities
Soil and agricultural issues
Food production
The city of tomorrow and cultural heritage
Impact on society, the economy and employment
Sustainable Process Model
Strategic Management
Natural resources management
Feasibility Analysis
Refurbishment Investment Appraisal
Governance, urban design and cultural heritage
Nuclear Energy and Environmental Protection
Socio-economic and infrastructure issues
International strategy for energy, development and environment
Design and nature

Remote Sensing for Energy and Environmental Systems
Remote Sensing for Energy Storage
Remote Sensing Materials Chemistry
Remote Sensing and Fuel Cells
Remote Sensing for Solar Energy Systems
Economic and efficient energy systems
Environmental management
Remote Sensing and Biodiversity
Remote Sensing and Ecosystems
Applications in Marine Engineering
Applications in Petrochemical Oil industries

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