Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Mathematical Methods, Computational Techniques, Statistical Methods, Simulation, Mathematical or Computer Analysis of Experimental Methods, Educational Topics in the following areas:

Organisational Behaviour, Group Dynamics, Organisational Design
Business Management
Financial Management
Financial Accounting
Decision Analysis
Production and Operations Management
Project Management
Human Resources Management
Quality Management
Business Process Reengineering
Business Design and Business Strategy
Managerial Accounting
Multinational Business Design and Development
Business Ethics
Risk Management and Risk Analysis
Production and Logistics
Security Problems
Manufacturing and Logistics
Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Production Control, Control Systems
Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance
Real-Time Systems
Large Scale Systems, Hierarchical Systems
Man-Machine Integration
Manufacturing Systems
Concurrent Engineering
Lean/Agile/Virtual Manufacturing
Electronic Commerce
Digital Marketing
Digital Libraries Administration
Virtual Reality
Virtual and Extended Enterprises
Business Law
Legal Aspects of Electronic Transactions
Security and Electronic Payment Systems
Strategic Inventory Control and Warehousing
Public Finance
Policies to Increase Economic Growth
Labor Economics
International Trade
Natural Resources and the Environment
National and International Monetary Economics
Regional Economics
Taxation andGovernment Expenditure
Stock Exchange Analysis and Prediction
Health Economics
Labor Economics
Agriculture Economics
Managerial Economics
Economics of Energy Systems
Economics of Transportation Systems
Political Sciences
Crisis Management
Cooperations of Companies
Banking Sector
History of Economics and Business Science

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