Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Heat and mass transfer
Simulation, Modeling and Experimental Research in heat and mass transfer
Simulation, Modeling and Experimental Research in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Transport Phenomena
Mathematical Physics problems
Diffusion convection
Conduction problems
Internal Combustion Engines
Steam Generators
Thermal Installations
Natural and forced convection
Phase change
Metal casting
Welding, forging and other processes
Heat exchangers
Bio-heat transfer problems
Mathematical Modeling in heat and mass transfer
Simulation in fluid heat and mass transfer
Convection, heat and mass transfer
Experimental Methodologies in heat and mass transfer
Thermal Engineering
Heat and mass transfer for Civil Engineering
Heat and mass transfer in Geosciences
Propulsion systems
Heat and mass transfer in Space Science
Plasma Science
Plasma Engineering
Continuum Mechanics
Integral Equations and Integral-Differential Methods
Heat Engineering and Electroscience
Micro and Nano Scale Heat Transfer
Turbulent heat transfer
Heat storage
Electronic cooling
Air pollution modeling
Urban air pollution
Transport emissions
Global and regional studies
Indoor pollution
Pollution engineering
Aerosols and particles
Emission of Pollutants from Thermal Engines
Biogenics, agriculture and landfill emissions
Environmental protection
Management of heating resources
Solar Energy
Thermal Applications of Solar Energy
Renewable energy
Industrial applications
Energy applications
Natural resources
Surface/Groundwater resources
Soil and rock properties
Mineral resources
Geological chemistry
Atmospheric chemistry
Health effects
Remote sensing
Waste Management and Energy Production
Recycling, Bio-Recycling
Clean Technologies
Thermal Pollution in Ecosystems
Coastal erosion and sedimentation
Simulation, Visualisation for Heat and Mass Transfer
Optimization Techniques in Thermal Science
Control Applications in Heat and Mass Transfer and Thermal Science
Electronics in Heat and Mass Transfer and Thermal Science
Chemistry and Fuels for Thermal Science
Applications of Thermal Science in Astronomy and Space Science
Applications in Ocean and Marine Engineering
Urban Areas and Heat Pollution
Problems of Thermal Science related to Rivers, Seas, Oceans, Forests
Problems of Heat and Mass Transfer related to Rivers, Seas, Oceans, Forests
Applications in Chemical Engineering
Applications in Biomedical Engineering
Applications in Nuclear Engineering
Applications in Civil Engineering
Applications in Earth Sciences
Thermal Energy of Volcanos and Exploitation

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