Past WSEAS Presidents


The World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS) is a registered non-profit association with Registration Number 22324/15 March 1999 in Hellenic (Greek) Republic. Our Society has the following members (as of January 16, 2020). All members participate in electing a new president every three years. New elections have been announced to be held between July 1-10, 2020. Candidates for the position of the President have sent their CV before March 10, 2014. The President of the Society is required to be physically present at the WSEAS Headquarters at least 3 days per week. Our members will receive instructions of how to vote by email.

Past WSEAS Presidents

  1. 1996-1999 - Nikos Mastorakis
  2. 1999-2001 - Nikos Mastorakis
  3. 2001-2004 - Nikos Mastorakis
  4. 2004-2007 - Nikos Mastorakis
  5. 2007-2011 - Charles Long
  6. 2011-2014 - Charles Long
  7. 2014-2017 - Nikos Mastorakis
  8. 2017-2020 - Nikos Mastorakis

Bulletin Board

Starting from January 1st, 2020, the articles in WSEAS Journals will have DOI by Crossref


What Authors say about publishing in our Journals


Prof. Nicholas Tritos from Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, joined us as Associate Editor in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine

Prof. V.R.Singh Fellow-IEEE/EMBS-IMS, Fellow IET, National Physical Laboratory, India, joined us as Associate Editor in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine

Prof. George Vachtsevanos, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, joined us as Co-Editor-in-Chief in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Computers


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WSEAS participates now in Semantic Scholar search engine


WSEAS Publication have digital preservation in Portico after January 1, 2020