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Between 1996-2020 WSEAS has helped over 4000 authors to receive free registration and financial support in order to participate in our conferences.
Between 1996-2020, WSEAS has offered 5 free registrations each to over 300 Plenary Speakers each year (more than 4000 free participants in our conferences due to the Plenary Speakers). Also, during the same period of 2003-2020, in each conferences (about 50 each year) 20 free registrations were offered to collaborating universities (more than 2000 free participants due to these collaborations). In total, WSEAS offered 4000 free registrations, each year helping an average of 10000 people to publish their work for free in our conferences.
Therefore, between 1996-2020, WSEAS has helped over 10000 authors to receive free registration and financial support in order to participate in our conferences.

WSEAS allows publishing an article of up to 10 pages in double-column format just with the basic registration fee, while having a rich social and philanthropic background.
WSEAS' social and philanthropic work is important and multi-fidous, especially during times of financial crisis, and is based in the supplying of food and medicines to the less fortunate, locally as well as globally. More details and photos will be published on the WSEAS website in the near future.                           .

Our Society has the following members (as of January 16, 2020:
All members participate in electing a new president every three years. New elections have been announced to be held between July 1-10, 2020. Candidates for the position of the President have sent their CV before March 10, 2020.  Our members will receive instructions of how to vote by email.
WSEAS is also a non-profit international research Academy, with several research projects having been carried out at WSEAS or in collaboration with WSEAS.
Many Summer Schools and Seminars have also been organized by our Academy in the last 25 years. Several research collaborations have been successfully completed and through those research projects many students received their Ph.D. by our collaborating universities.

Papers in WSEAS Conferences and Journals are subject to thorough peer review. The names of the Reviewers appear in the Proceedings and are, consequently, sent to all collaborating indexes. Qualified colleagues are always invited to participate in the review process. Visit this page for more details.
Nobody can qualify to become a WSEAS Reviewer without proper academic qualifications (i.e. recent publications in SCOPUS and ISI). Reviewers whose review work is not thorough or who are not longer active are immediately removed from our reviewers' list. Therefore, our list only includes active reviewers. The names of all conference reviewers are also published in the WSEAS post-conference reports.
Additionally, WSEAS is an academic publisher with open access journals (public PDF on the web plus hard copy). You can also directly contact the Editors-in-Chief or previous authors: All PhD holding researchers are invited to participate in the Research Projects and Post-Doc Research of our Academy (WSEAS), especially in the areas of: Applied Mathematics, Computational Methods, Systems Theory, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Fluids, Heat and Mass Transfer etc..), Finite Elements, Boundary Elements, Multidimensional Systems, Artificial and Computational Intelligence, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Models and Computers in Science and Engineering, Biology and Biomedicine, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Environment, Economy

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Starting from January 1st, 2020, the articles in WSEAS Journals will have DOI by Crossref


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Prof. Nicholas Tritos from Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, joined us as Associate Editor in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine

Prof. V.R.Singh Fellow-IEEE/EMBS-IMS, Fellow IET, National Physical Laboratory, India, joined us as Associate Editor in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine

Prof. George Vachtsevanos, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, joined us as Co-Editor-in-Chief in our Journal WSEAS Transactions on Computers


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WSEAS Publication have digital preservation in Portico after January 1, 2020