Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Landscape Design
Traditional Building
Landscape Gardening
Gardening to attract wildlife
Community gardens
Parks, National parks
Botanical gardens, Children's gardens
Sanctuary gardens, Cemeteries, Golf courses, Plazas, Labyrinths, Memorials
Historic districts, Historic sites
Land Art
Earthworks Art
Rock gardens, Roof gardening, Rose gardens
Sculpture gardens, Wall gardens
Waterfronts - Design and construction and Planning
Art of Gardens (for example Baroque, Renaissance)
Forest landscape design
Historic preservation
Landscape architecture and New technologies
Human ecology, Human geography
Landscape protection
Spatial behavior
Landscape architecture and Urban ecology,
Landscape architecture and Urban forestry, Urban geography
Heritage architecture and historical aspects
Regional architecture
Landscape architecture and Structural issues
Seismic vulnerability analysis of historic sites
Maintenance Topics
Surveying and monitoring
Material characterisation and Material problems
Protection and prevention
Landscape Architecture and Environmental planning and management
Landscape Architecture and Environmental modelling
Landscape Architecture and Environmental monitoring
Landscape Architecture and Environmental pollution
Landscape Architecture and Environmental damage
Assessment and retrofitting
Landscape Architecture and Ecosystems modelling
Sustainability development studies
Conservation and management of ecological areas
Landscape Architecture and Environmental and ecological policies
Landscape Architecture and Remote sensing
Landscapes and forestation issues
Soil and agricultural issues
Landscape Architecture and Water resources
Economy and the environment
Landscape Architecture and Environmental policies, planning and assessment
Cost benefits analysis for Landscape Architecture
Natural resources management
Trade and Landscape Architecture
Natural hazards and risks
Soil and rock properties
Vulnerability Aspects
Ecological restoration
Education and training

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