Journal Topics

The scope of the journal is broad, ranging from mathematical foundations to practical engineering design. It encompasses, but is not limited to such topics as
Circuits: Circuit Theory, Integrated Circuits, Electronics, Distributed circuits and systems, Electronic Devices, Quantum Circuits, Nanostructures and nanotechnologies, Molecular Electronics, Electronic Devices for Signal Processing, Electronic Devices for Communications, Filters, Circuits for Antennas, Circuits and Systems for Cryptograhy, Electric Energy Systems, Transmission Lines, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Machines, Electric Vehicles, Electromechanical systems, Magnetics, Magnetic Circuits, Converters, Solar Cells, Photovoltaic Systems, Non-linear Circuits, Communication circuits and systems.
Systems: Systems and Signals, Graphs and Networks, Network Theory, Linear Systems Theory, Dynamical Systems, Biological Dynamical Systems and their modeling, Control Systems and Robotics, Digital Signal Processing, Computational and Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computation), Stochastic Systems, Markovian processes, Non-linear Systems, Distributed Systems, Optimization Techniques, Game Theory, Multi-dimensional signals and systems, Computer aided design.

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